List of Hiking Logbooks

List of Hiking Logbooks

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Life is an adventure! Hikes can be great adventures!

Hiking logbooks are journals that backpackers and hikers use to document their treks. In them, hikers record information such as the date, time, route, weather, and wildlife they encounter. Hikers also use their logbooks to jot down reflections on their experiences. Some hikers even paste in photographs or mementos from their hikes.

Use this logbook to help you remember the important details of your hiking adventures.

Two-page spreads are provided for you to fill-in for each hike. Use the left-hand page to note the details of the trail.
Use the right-hand page for additional notes, drawings or photos.

This guided hiking notebook makes a great gift for all hikers!

You’ll be prompted to enter the following:

  • Date
  • Location
  • Weather
  • Start/End Time
  • Elevation Info
  • Distance Hiked
  • GPS Start/End
  • Conditions
  • Difficulty Level
  • Cell Phone Reception
  • Trail Features
  • Water available
  • facilities
  • food & beverage
  • What I liked
  • What I didn’t like
  • Space for trail drawing / favorite photo

Get your hiking logbook today and start planning your next hiking adventure!

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List of Top 10 Books Sold on Amazon June 2022

My Top 10 Books Sold on Amazon

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I receive a small percentage at no extra cost to you.

top 10 books

Check out this list of top 10 books sold on Amazon June 2022.

Last summer I began a new adventure.  I had surgery and was home recovering. As I was preparing for that time, I thought it would be a good time to work on some type of project online.  I discovered that Continue reading

List of Snoopy Christmas Gifts

Check out this list of Snoopy Christmas gifts! I love Snoopy! He is such a fun character. Every time that I see something with Snoopy it makes me smile! If you love Snoopy or know someone that does, you will want to check out this list!

Do you love Snoopy? Love Christmas? This list combines the two. I love Snoopy and I love Christmas!

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List of Fun Coloring Books

Check out this list of fun coloring books! Coloring is a great way to escape from the stresses of the day. Get out your crayons, coloring pencils or markers and a coloring book and take a well-deserved break to color!

There are coloring books for kids and adults from ages 2-100.  

Coloring is a skill that children learn in their preschool years.  Some kids can sit and color for hours.  Others will scribble on the page and be done.  It took a while for my granddaughter, Hadley, to sit down and enjoy coloring.  She was too busy with other things.  It was so nice when she finally enjoyed sitting down to color and we could color together.

Fun Coloring Books

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List of Notebooks for Holiday Baking Parties

This list of Notebooks for Holiday Baking Parties is for all of you that love holiday baking.

It is for all that love to get together with friends and family for a day of holiday baking!

I love holiday baking. I used to do so much more baking when I was younger and my kids were still home. I loved baking with my kids and for my family. We used to give our friends and our neighbors containers of yummy cookies for Christmas.

You can write all of your favorite recipes in one of these notebooks. These notebooks can serve as a memory of your fun baking days with friends and family!


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List of Geology Notebooks

This list of geology notebooks is for all that love rocks. Geology students and graduates will love these notebook gifts!

My daughter has earned her Geology degree at Clemson University. She loves rocks and she would say that she is easily distracted by rocks. She was fortunate enough to go on several trips with her Geology classes. Of course, she brought back many rocks from each adventure she went on.

If you love rocks you will probably find that these are some of the best geology notebooks.

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List of Christmas Notebooks

This list of Christmas notebooks is for all of you that love Christmas! Christmas is my favorite time of year! Everything Christmas is fun!! Here are some fun notebooks, sketch pads, sudoku puzzles, and create your own Christmas recipe notebooks.

If you are looking for some Christmas notebook ideas, just check out the list below.

These Christmas notebook books are great gifts for all of your friends and family!

The Sudoku books and sketch pads make perfect stocking stuffers!

There are some Christmas shopping planners and blank Christmas recipe books that you may find very helpful during this next holiday season!

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List of Christmas Stuffed Animals

This list of Christmas stuffed animals is lots of fun! Are you looking for a Christmas stuffed animal for someone special? Check out these cute Christmas animals that your friends and family will love!

Now that my children are all grown up, it’s fun to look back at the Christmas stuffed animals they have received. Some of them they may pass on to my grandchildren.

6 Inches Christmas Stuffed Animals

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