List of Fun Coloring Books

Check out this list of fun coloring books! Coloring is a great way to escape from the stresses of the day. Get out your crayons, coloring pencils or markers and a coloring book and take a well-deserved break to color!

There are coloring books for kids and adults from ages 2-100.  

Coloring is a skill that children learn in their preschool years.  Some kids can sit and color for hours.  Others will scribble on the page and be done.  It took a while for my granddaughter, Hadley, to sit down and enjoy coloring.  She was too busy with other things.  It was so nice when she finally enjoyed sitting down to color and we could color together.

Fun Coloring Books

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List of Easter Serving Dishes

List of Easter Serving Dishes

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List of Easter Serving Dishes

Easter is only a few weeks away!  Easter is one of the holidays when many people prepare a big family dinner to celebrate and spend time together with the family.  This is one of the dinners that many people pull out the dishes that they only use for special occasions.  It is fun to have serving dishes that represent that holiday that you are celebrating.  This list of Easter serving dishes is for all of you that may be looking for some fun items to add to your Easter dinner table this year.  There are also a couple Easter cookie jars!  ( I love cookies and I love fun cookie jars, too!)

Happy Easter!

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