List of T-Shirts for Geology Majors and Geologists

List of T-Shirts for Geology Majors and Geologists

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List of T-Shirts for Geology Majors and Geologists

T-Shirts for Geology majors and Geologists–this list is for my daughter that will graduate in December from Clemson University with a Geology Degree!  She loves Geology!  It was a major that she discovered after she got to Clemson and realized that she didn’t want to major in Computer Science, which was her initial major.

She had to figure out what she wanted to do.  She had an additional scholarship for having a major in Science that she didn’t want to give up when she switched majors.  I suggested to her that she go through her course catalog and mark all of the science major classes that seemed to be interesting to her and that she might like to learn about.

She tried my suggestion and a majority of those classes that she marked were related to the Geology major.  She changed her major to Geology and she has loved the opportunities that she has had as a Geology student!  I know that she can identify with each of these t-shirts and will probably help me add to this list in the future.

List of T-Shirts for Geology Majors and Geologists

Of Quartz I Love Geology – $20.00

from: Matchnode

Of Quartz I Love Geology – $20.00

from: Matchnode

 I Dont Always Stop And Look At Rocks Funny Geology T-Shirt

 Easily Distracted By Rocks Geology T-Shirt

Bismuth Maze – $20.00

from: Matchnode

This Is My Fault – $20.00

from: Matchnode

Geology Rocks – $20.00

from: Matchnode

My Feelings Toward Geology are Purely Plutonic – $20.00

from: Matchnode

If You Love Geology You Stalag-Might be Stalac-Tight – $20.00

from: Matchnode

I‘m A Geologist I’ve Got My Schist Together T SHIRT

By:  T Shirts Galore

One Schist FUNNY geology T shirt for geologists

By:  T Shirts Galore

Gnarly Tees Men’s Schist Happens T-Shirt

By:  Gnarly Tees

Geology Rocks T-shirt

By:  Punny Tees


By:  123t Slogans

 Geologist composition, funny t-shirt for geology student

 Geology Ores Minerals Gems and Crystals Rock Collecting gift T-Shirt

Geology Rocks Science T-Shirt

By:  Dirty Rags

Geology Rocks!!

Geology T-shirt , It’s green and wriggles It’s biology It’s

By:  Geology Hot Store

Geology Rocks Shirt Geologist Gift Tee Funny Geology T-Shirt

By:  Geology Shirt Gifts

 Just One More Rock I Promise Geology Funny Gift T-Shirt

Geology Rocks” Cool Geology / Science T-shirt

By:  Cool Geology T-Shirts

I May Be Gneiss Don’t Take Me for Granite Tshirt Geologist Gift Tee Funny Geology T-Shirt

By:  Funny Geology T-Shirt

Geology T-Shirt funny saying sarcastic novelty humor cute

By:  NoiseBotLLC
Why Of Quartz (Course) I Love Geology Science Nerdy T-Shirt

By:  MP Science

HUMAN This Is My Fault Athletic Grey T-Shirt

By:  Human

Not My Fault Funny Geology Humor T-Shirt

By:  Science Tees Co

Geologist T-shirt Funny Vintage Geology Professor Gift Tee

By:  Homewise Shopper

Geology Rock On Funny Science T Shirt

By:  Geology

Eat Sleep Geology Ladies Geologist Gift T-Shirt

By:  ffitio

I’m Not Trespassing I’m A Geologist – T Shirt

By:  T Shirts Galore

I Love Heart Geology T-Shirt

By:  Heart Love Classic

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