List of Thanksgiving Board Books

List of Thanksgiving Board Books

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List of Thanksgiving Board Books

It is November and Thanksgiving is almost here.  I love reading children’s books with the kids.  My granddaughter doesn’t sit still long enought to read too many books…or even finish a book sometimes.  She does pull them out and look at them, though, quite often.  Of course, I think she has more fun just pulling the books out and spreading them out.  The life of living with a toddler can be crazy at times!

The holidays are great times to get a new book that can help the kids better understand the holiday and prepare them for it.  The closer it gets to the holiday, the harder it is to find the books in stock, so if you plan to get a Thanksgiving board book, you may want to do it soon.


Five Silly Turkeys Board book – August 18, 2005

By:  Salina Yoon



Corduroy’s Thanksgiving Board book – August 17, 2006

By:  Lisa McCue




Spot’s Thanksgiving Board book – August 16, 2016

By:  Eric Hill



Happy Thanksgiving, Curious George tabbed board book Board book – September 20, 2010

By: H. A. Rey




Biscuit Is Thankful Board book – September 2, 2003

By:  Alyssa Satin Capucilli (author) and Pat Schories (illustrator)




The Itsy Bitsy Pilgrim Board book – September 6, 2016

By:  Jeffrey Burton(author) and Sanja Rescek(illustrator)



The First Thanksgiving: A Lift-the-Flap Book

By:  Kathryn Lynn Davis


Bright Baby: Happy Thanksgiving Board book – September 15, 2015

By:  Roger Priddy



Happy Thanksgiving!

I Love to Gobble You Up! Board book – October 6, 2015

By:  Sandra Magsamen




Thanksgiving Parade (Thanksgiving Board Books) Board book – September 11, 2000

By:  Kelly Asbury (author) and Jodi Huelin (illustrator)




My Thanksgiving Prayer Board book – August 24, 2013

By:  Crystal Bowman




Turkey Time! (Thanksgiving Board Books) Board book – September 11, 2000

By:  Price Stern Sloan (author) and Melanie Matthews (illustrator)




This Little Turkey Board book – September 6, 2016

By:  Aly Fronis (author) and Migy Blanco (illustrator)




My First Thanksgiving Board book – August 14, 2008

By:  Tomie dePaola




What Is Thanksgiving? Board book – September 1, 2014

By:  Michelle Medlock Adams (author) and Amy Wummer (illustrator)




Little Turkey: Finger Puppet Book (Little Finger Puppet Board Books) Hardcover – September 22, 2010

By:  Imagebooks




Thanksgiving Counting (First Celebrations) Board book – August 16, 2016

By:  Barbara Barbieri McGrath (author) and Peggy Tagel (illustrator)



Happy Thanksgiving Day! (Touch-And-Feel Book) Board book – September 1, 2013

By:  Jill Roman Lord (author) and Judy Wheeler (illustrator)




I Love Fall!: A Touch-and-Feel Board Book Board book – September 8, 2009

By:  Alison Inches (author) and Hiroe Nakata (illustrator)




10 Fat Turkeys Board book – August 1, 2009

By:  Tony Johnston (author) and Rich Deas (illustrator)




The Great Turkey Race (Shaped Board Books) Board book– August 5, 2014

By:  Roger Priddy




Alphaprints: Gobble Gobble Board book – October 4, 2016

By:  Roger Priddy





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