List of Toys for Babies 0 – 6 Months

List of Toys for Babies 0 – 6 Months

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List of Toys for Babies 0 - 6 Months Old

This list of toys for babies 0 – 6 months old is for all of you that are shopping for a baby shower gift, a new baby, Christmas present for a baby, or a “just because” gift for a baby.  I remember during my granddaughter’s first year it seemed to me like I always needed to get her a new toy to play with.  Amazon deliveries were coming regularly.

There are so many things for babies to learn and each toy helps teach a variety of different things.  I wanted to make sure that she had an opportunity to learn everything she needed to learn.  It is also a challenge to find age-appropriate gifts.  There aren’t as many items for 0-6 month olds since they aren’t really able to play too much yet.  Rattles, musical toys to listen to, and things to look at seem to be what is good for this age group.

What is your favorite toy for babies 0 – 6 months old?

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