List of Reasons All Married Couples Should Play The Discovery Game

List of Reasons All Married Couples Should Play The Discovery Game

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The Discovery Game:

A tool for your marriage that feels like a toy!

  • A cure to the “we’ve fallen out of love” feeling!
  • An unbelieveably easy, prepackaged way to connect with your spouse!
  • A Date night in a box!
  • An exciting and competitive game

My husband and I purchased this game a few years ago at Family Life’s Weekend to Remember!  It is a game that is just for a couple to play together.  It plays somewhat like Monopoly in that you have a gameboard and there are properties that you can purchase and then charge your spouse for if they land on your property.

The best part is the Discovery cards.  When one of you lands on a Discovery square, you draw a card and do what it says to do.  There are lots of cards that have you share something with your spouse, such as a childhood Christmas memory….  Then there are cards that require you to do whatever your spouse would like you to do for 2 minutes.  There is a 2 minute sand timer included.  🙂  The last time my husband and I played he got way more cards telling me to do whatever he wanted me to do for 2 minutes than I got, but we really had the greatest time together!!

This is a game that you should block out a few hours for to relax and enjoy each other’s company to the fullest!

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