List of Care Packages for College Students

List of Care Packages for College Students

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Care Packages for College Students

This list of care packages for college students is to help parents, family and friends of college students that may not have time to pack their own care package for their students, but they want to send something to let their student know that they are thinking about them.

This is my daughter’s last semester of college.  She has been asking me for one of these care packages for a while.  I keep telling her that I can just send her money and she can make her own care package, but obviously that is not the same.  This summer she asked me for the last time, since it is her last semester, if I would send her one of these care packages this semester for exam week.  Even though I don’t quite understand why she wouldn’t want to pick her own basket of snacks, I can kindof see how it might be a little exciting to get a surprise box of goodies.  She loves snacks as much as I do.  She will get at least one of these this semester.  🙂  I probably should send one for mid-terms and one for finals!

I would love to hear your care package ideas and stories, if you’d like to send me comments.

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