List of Reasons You Should Try AncestryDNA

List of Reasons You Should Try AncestryDNA

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List of Reasons You Should Try AncestryDNA


This list of reasons you should try AncestryDNA is for everyone. Earlier this year my husband ordered his AncestryDNA kit and sent it in. It seems like he is mostly finding connections to 3rd and 4th cousins. AncestryDNA is really cool, though! It seems like every day he is informed of new AncestryDNA connections.

I asked for an AncestryDNA kit for Christmas and I received it in my stocking! My husband ordered it from since we have PRIME with Amazon he was able to get it in 2 days!!

A friend of mine was able to find her birth parents through talking to many of her DNA matches.  It did take a while, but she finally did locate them.

  • The #1 selling consumer DNA test, with millions of people who’ve made over 1 billion family connections.
  • Get 2x more geographic detail than any other test.*
  • AncestryDNA is the only DNA test that provides the recent migration paths of your ancestors, and the stories behind their journeys.
  • Find out where your family migrated from
  • Find out when your family migrated to the US, if they did.
  • If you don’t know who your parents/family are, you may find out with this test–this depends on whether or not your family members have done the Ancestry DNA test.

Join Me!

Want to join me on this fun adventure of discovering our family backgrounds?  Who knows who we may be related to?  We may be descendants of Kings and Queens.  Who knows?  I can’t wait for the results of my test to come back!  If you want to join me on this adventure, you can shop below to get your kit!  🙂

  Genetic Testing Ethnicity + Traits:  AncestryDNA:

  AncestryDNA: Genetic Testing Ethnicity (without Traits)