List of Personalized Unicorn Notebooks

Check out this list of personalized unicorn notebooks! These are perfect gifts for young girls that love unicorns!! What little girl doesn’t like something with her name on it? Even us big girls love to have our name on just about anything and everything.

These notebooks combine unicorns and girls’ names for a perfect gift for little girls. Little girls love these cute notebooks. They will want to bring them to school to show all of their friends. They’ll also want to show it to their teacher.

My granddaughter loves her personalized unicorn notebook. She often uses it to play school. Hadley likes to write notes to her poppy and I. She also likes to draw and color pictures. They can do so many things with their imaginations.

If you click on the notebook with the name you want, it will take you directly to Amazon where you can purchase it. Do you see the name of the little girl that you are looking for? If not, send me a text with the name to 843-568-1820 and I will see if we can add that name.

I think every little girl aged 3-8 would love one of these personalized unicorn notebooks.

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