List of 3 Year Old Homeschool Plans Week 2

List of 3 Year Old Homeschool Plans Week 2

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List of 3 Year Old Homeschool Plans Week 2


Oh what fun three year olds are!  I am preparing this lesson for next week.  Hadley came to see us for a little while today so her mom could go to an appointment.  Her Boz Colors and Shapes video came in the mail yesterday, so I thought Hadley and I would sit down and watch it while she was here.  🙂  She was not interested in sitting down and watching a movie.  Hadley was ready to play.  I tried to convince her to watch it with me, but she got upset that I was interrupting her play time.

Then I remembered reading about not making teaching something they hate.  I can teach while she’s playing without her even realizing I am teaching.  We can talk to her about the shapes of her toys.  I can also talk about the colors of her toys.  We can look at and read books without her realizing my need to teach her.  🙂 I played the video while she was playing.  Every now and then she would look at it and she would even repeat what they said.  She occasionally would sing a song they were singing.

As much as trying to get on a “school” schedule may be desired, I believe every child isn’t wired to be on a schedule.  Some children may like it immediately and some may need to gradually work towards being on a routine schedule.  At home there are a lot of distractions.  It will take some time to figure out what the distractions are and work on eliminating the distractions that are possible to eliminate.  Jessica told her dad that she realized she needed to work on making Hadley’s “homeschool environment” less distracting.

Most homeschool moms aren’t trained teachers.  We just have to learn as we go and do the best we can.  It is also important to pray and ask God for His wisdom to help you train up His child in the way he/she should go.

I found another 3 year old curriculum that I like this week,  It is from Motherhood On A Dime.  I have added a few things from that curriculum to go with the curriculum from

Have a great week learning and playing with your 3 year old!!

This Homeschool Plan is adapted from Curriculum.

Bible Song:  This is the Day (traditional) 

  • This is the day (echo)
  • That the Lord has made (echo)
  • I will rejoice (echo)
  • And be glad in it (echo)
  • This is the day that the Lord has made
  • I will rejoice and be glad in it
  • This is the day (echo)
  • That the Lord has made

Additional song ideas:

  • He’s got the whole world
  • The B-I-B-L-E
  • another version of The B-I-B-L-E


Traditional poems and nursery rhymes help children with rhyme, fine motor skills, and rhythm as well as beginning reading.  Assist the child in performing actions to the poems and quote them very slowly at first to help the children correctly learn the words.  Quote them throughout the day (example: while driving, in the bathtub, while washing hands)

Seven Days (Tune:  Are you sleeping?)

Seven Days, Seven days
In a week, in a week
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Saturday, that’s a week

Bible Story:  Creation Days 4-7    Scripture:  Genesis 1-2

The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes:  pg 14-17  (I purchased this used on
The Beginner’s Bible:  pg 7-13
My Story Bible:  pg 8-9  (I purchased the Kindle version of this Bible and put it on Hadley’s Kindle)

Read from any child’s Bible or if you have a child’s book that tells the Creation story, you could read it.  (I have purchased The Jesus Storybook Bible:  Every Story Whispers His Name–Kindle version and installed it on Hadley’s Kindle Fire under her Freetime account.)

If you have felt board, use felt board and felt “Creation Story” pieces to tell the story.  Read here:  How to Teach a Story Using Flannelgraph.

Additional help (Creation videos on YouTube):


Day 1:  Cut the shapes out of the Sun, Moon, Stars worksheet.  Paint the sun yellow.  Glue all shapes on a black piece of construction paper and add the phrase “God made the sun, moon and stars” at the bottom of the page.

Day 2:   Hand AquariumSponge paint a paper plate light blue. Paint the child’s hand and stamp on the plate to form a fish.  Wash the child’s hand.  Paint a fingertip green and stamp at the bottom of the plate to make green plants.  End by stamping red fingerprints to create little fish.  Using a black marker add fins, a tail, eye, and mouth on the little fish.  Add an eye and mouth to the big fish.

Day 3: Creation days 4-7 Coloring Sheets— Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7–can use crayons or finger paints 

Additional activities from other sites:

Memory Verse: Genesis 1:1  In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth

  • Day 1, 2, & 3: Cover memory verse and song every day
    Memory verse card (I printed these and laminated them.)
  • Memory verse song:
    • Sung to tune: “Are You Sleeping”  
      In the beginning, In the beginning
      God Created, God Created
      The heavens and earth, The heavens and earth
      Genesis 1:1, Genesis 1:1


Focus on the colors of Creation in the Bible story and snacks

Brown, Green, Yellow

Foods to learn from:
Green: Green beans, green grapes
Yellow: Bananas, American cheese
Brown:  Brownie, chocolate pudding, graham crackers

  • Worksheet: Building with Colors—color ice cream cone
  • Focus on the colors of creation in the Bible story – brown (tree), green (grass, leaves), yellow (sun) – by coloring the Colors of Creation coloring sheet.
  • Color Flash cards
  • Snacks:
    • Help reinforce creation with fun snacks.  
      Day 4 (Sun, Moon, and Stars) – Yellow piece of cheese cut into a circle, white powder donuts, Starburst candy
      Day 5 (Fish, Birds) – Goldfish
      Day 6 (Animals, Man) – Animal Crackers, Mickey Mouse Chicken Nuggets
      Day 7 (Rest) – Marshmallows as pillows
  • Day 2: view Boz Colors and Shapes video, if you have it,and discover God’s world through colors and shapes

Numbers:  1

Day 1: Tactile numbers(also called sandpaper or textured)—because many 3 year olds do not have the fine motor skills for handwriting activities, trace the numbers with the child’s finger.  As the child traces the tactile numbers, be sure to say the number rhymes included in the objectives to help the child learn the correct information

Rhyme for number 1: Straight down and then you’re done.  That’s the way to make a one!

Day 2: Create 1 poster .  This week use colored pencils to draw repeated straight lines (draw 1’s) on the Number 1 Poster.  Add one sticker.

Day 3:  Using the Five Little Ducks from last week, write an “O” on mommy duck and instruct the child to put in order the 0 and 1 ducks.


This book is recommended by  I did order a used one on Amazaon.






Comprehension Questions: (use when planning story and at the end of the week use them to check for understanding of the Bible story)

What did God do on the 7th day?  Do you get tired and need to rest?
Who made the birds and the fish?
What is your favorite color of bird?
What is your favorite color of fish?
What is your favorite animal?
Review what God made each day of the week. (Day 1 – Night, Day 2 – Sky & Water, Day 3 – Land and Plants, Day 4 – Sun, Moon, & Stars, Day 5 – Fish & Birds, Day 6 – Animals & Man, Day 7 – God Rested)

Book of the Week:  Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?  (This is just one of the many Dr. Seuss books.  Spend the week reading the many fun Dr. Seuss books that are available.)

  • Day 1: Read book  (Mr. Brown Can Moo!  Can You? book is in Hadley’s Kindle in Freetime app)
  • – How to Teach Mr. Brown Can Moo!  Can You? – Sounds activities to do during and after reading the story.
    -Day 2 or 3:  Take a Sound Hike – Although this activity is geared toward older children there are many suggestions available on this site that can be done with 3-year-old children.
  • More story activities at these websites:

Motor Skills:

  • Day 1: Draw What I Draw:  With sidewalk chalk, have your child copy what you draw and then you draw what he/she draws.  Start with simple lines and then progress to simple shapes.  Use colored chalk that corresponds with the colors in this lesson – brown, green, and yellow.
  • Day 3: Kick a Ball:  Practice kicking a ball.  Start with a large ball and progress to a smaller one.  Set up a goal and take turns being goalie.
    • Gross motor skills are big motor skills (running, jumping, hopping, etc.). They require balance and coordination.


  • Charlie Church Mouse Preschool Cd-Rom:
    • Play the “Creation” adventure
    • As you read the story, have the child give a thumbs up every time God says, “It is good!”
  • From  You might role play how to quietly enter
    and pick-out books. Talk about not pulling all the
    books off the shelf, staying with mom or dad,
    manners to use when checking out a book, etc.
    Consider taking a “field trip” to the library to
    practice what you’ve talked about.
  • From This week, practice zipping with your
    child. Find several pieces of clothing with zippers
    (jackets, sweaters, etc.) and practice, practice,
  •  From   If you have a shelf
    or basket for books in your child’s bedroom, teach
    them how to take out one book at a time, read it,
    and return it.

Other Songs–You may want to start your day with these:  (from Preschool Palace)

Calendar Song: Days of the Week (tune: The Addams Family theme)

There’s Sunday and there’s Monday,

There’s Tuesday and there’s Wednesday,

There’s Thursday and there’s Friday,

And Saturday ends the week.

Days of the Week (Clap, Clap),

Days of the Week (Clap, Clap)

Days of the Week, Days of the Week, Days of the Week (Clap, Clap)

Calendar Song: Months of the Year (tune: Ten Little Indians)

January.. February… March… and April…

May… June… July… August… and September…

October…. November… and December…

These are the twelve months of the year.

Weather Song (tune: Follow the yellow brick road)

What is the weather today, (clap, clap)

what is the weather today, (clap, clap).

Sunny, rainy, cloudy, snowy.

What is the weather today?  (Have  child add weather card to weather chart if you have one. Then sing a weather themed song: Mr. Sun or You Are My Sunshine or It’s Raining, It’s Pouring or If All the Raindrops.)

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Items you may need this week: