List of 3 Year Old Homeschool Plans Week 8

List of 3 Year Old Homeschool Plans Week 8

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This week’s Bible story is about crossing the Red Sea.

List of 3 Year Old Homeschool Plans Week 8

This Homeschool Plan is adapted from Curriculum.

Bible Story:  Crossing the Red Sea
Scripture:  Exodus 14

Bible Verse: Philippians 4:19 – My God will supply all your needs.
Tune:  London Bridges
My- God will supply all your needs
Supply all your needs (2x)
My- God will supply all your needs
Philippians 4:19

Letter: Ee

Number: 4

Shape:  Heart

Name: Match letters in your child’s name

Fine Motor Skill:  Cutting
Gross Motor Skill:  Memory Obstacle Course

Book of the Week: All By Myself by Mercer Mayer

Bible Song: He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands (Traditional)
He’s got the whole world in His hands (3x)
The whole world in His hands.

Create your own verses:
He’s got our family…
He’s got the mountains and the rivers…
He’s got the fish and the birds…

Additional song idea:

Rejoice in the Lord Always

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms


Quote them throughout the day (example: while driving, in the bathtub, while washing hands)

Jack and Jill (Traditional)
Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down and broke his crown
And Jill came tumbling after.


Bible Story: Crossing the Red Sea
Scripture:  Exodus 14

 The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes: pages 94-97 (I purchased this used on

The Beginner’s Bible: pages 111-115

My Story Bible: pg 26-27 (I bought the Kindle version and put it on Hadley’s Kindle Freetime.)
Through the Bible Felt: Story #32

If you have felt board, use felt board and Red Sea to tell the story. Read here: How to Teach a Story Using Flannelgraph.

Red Sea Movies Online:

Moses Parts the Red Sea

The Story of Moses

Moses Exodus

Other websites to look at:



Day 1:   Some children may be confused that even though it is called the Red Sea, the water is still blue.  Decorate the Crossing the Red Sea worksheet by painting the water blue and adding a pipe cleaner to Moses’ hand.

Day 2: Play “Follow the Leader” and talk about how the Israelites followed Moses  (Make a paper ‘path’. Paint your feet and make footprints to show you are following God’s path! )

Day 3: Parting the Red Sea – This is a fun activity which gives the children a visual of the Red Sea.
Adapted from: Incredible Edible Bible Story Fun for Preschoolers

  • Supplies:  Red Jello prepared in a pan or several red gelatin cups, pan, spatula, whipped topping, a handful of miniature marshmallows  (Make sure the child washes his/her hands well before beginning.)
  • Say to the child: “God led the Israelites to the Red Sea.  Let’s make a red sea.”Let the child empty the gelatin cups into the baking pan or use a pan of prepared Jello.  Break the gelatin up with a spatula.  “Now let’s put some waves into our red sea.”  Make waves with the whipped topping.  Let the child stir the swirling waters.“While the Israelites were near the Red Sea, the Egyptian king decided that he wanted them to come back and be his slaves again.  He sent his army after the Israelites to capture them and bring them back to Egypt.  The Israelites looked behind them and saw the soldiers.  They looked in front of them and saw the Red Sea.  They didn’t know what to do!  If they let the soldiers catch them, they’d be slaves again.  If they went into the Red Sea, they’d drown!”“But Moses told them not to be afraid.  He told them God would take care of them, even if it looked impossible.  That night a strong wind blew.  It blew so hard and so long that it pushed the waters of the sea apart.”Use the spatula to separate your “red sea.”  Make sure you scrape it across the bottom to form a clean, clear path.  “God’s people were able to walk across the bottom of the sea and get to the land on the other side.”   Let the child walk her fingers across the space you created.“The Egyptian army saw the Israelites walk across the sea on dry ground.  They tried to follow the Israelites to capture them on the other side.  Here comes the army.”  Ask the child to pour the miniature marshmallows into the pan.Shake the pan as you explain: “The water covered all the Egyptian army.  But God’s people were safe on the other side.”  Finish stirring  marshmallows into the mixture, and serve it up in cups.

– More:


From Motherhood on a Dime:

Self Help: This week, help your child learn your
address. One fun way to do this is by making up
stories with your child that include your address.
For example: “Once there was a little girl named
Suzy James who lived at 4472 18th Road in Shining
Sea, Alabama. She loved to…”

Chore: If you have a pet, teach your child how to
take care it. Maybe you have them fill the water
bowl each day, pour in the food to the food dish,
clean the cage, brush the animal’s fur, etc.

Manners: This week, practice being a good host
or hostess by asking guests if they would like a
drink or something to eat. Show them how to
serve refreshments.

Additional activities from other sites:


Memory Verse: Psalm 56:3-4 – When I am afraid, I will trust in you, in God whose Word I praise.
Steve Green – Hide ‘Em In Your Heart, Vol 1 – #5

  • Day 1, 2, & 3: Cover memory verse and song every day
    Memory verse card (I printed these and laminated them.)

Letters: Ee
E – body, head, arm, leg
e – dash, little curve

E is for ear, egg, elephant, eyes, earth, eyedropper, engine

Click here for Tips for Teaching Letters and Letter Sounds from This Reading Mama.

333106: Big Thoughts for Little People: ABC


Letter E in Big Thoughts for Little People: ABC’s to Help You Grow




    • From Preschool Palace curriculum: Introduce Letter Ee– Show your child the Letter E poster. Trace over the letter with your fingers. Ask your child to do the same. Trace the letter E in the air or use personal wipe-off boards. Make a letter E basket that includes several items that start with the letter E. Enunciate the E sound when identifying the items. Ask child to repeat or name the items in the basket. Then ask child what other items could be put in the basket.
    • Day 1: Introduce the letters Ee using the tactile letters and decorate the Letter Poster to add to the Letter of the Week book.
    • Day 2: Use the Letter Posters as Play Dough Mats and role the play dough into ropes and lay on the Letter Poster to form each letter. This adds one more level of learning and is a great fine motor activity, which helps improve handwriting.
    • Day 3: On the Letter E Poster, paint with a dropper (medicine dropper works well).  Teach the child how to use the dropper to pick up the watered-down paint and drop it on the poster.
    • – – More Letter E activities
    • More Books:











(Green Eggs and Ham is on Hadley’s Kindle Freetime.)

Alphabet Bracelets

Letter Hats

In My World

Learning 4 Kids

How to Run a Home Daycare: Letter of the week

This Outnumbered Mama

Wildflower Ramblings

Check out this website:

Teach Beside Me

Ee Snacks and Foods:
– Egg (scrambled eggs, deviled eggs, eggplant)
– English muffins

Ee Ideas on the web:

First School 
Alphabet Soup 
Preschool Express

Ee Computer Activities:

Starfall Ee Computer Activity

Shape: Heart

Add to your Shape Family by creating a Heart Buddy.  Cut a large heart out of construction paper.  Accordion-fold long, thin pieces of paper to form legs and arms.  Glue to the shape.  Add a face with a heart shape for the eyes and nose.  May also add shoes, hands, hair, or other accessories.


Suggested books from Motherhood On A Dime:

.Book of the Week:  All By Myself by Mercer Mayer

– Discuss things that the child can do all by themselves.
– Discuss things that the child wasn’t able to do last year but can do this year.
– Discuss things that the child can’t do now but will be able to next year.

Match letters in your child’s name – Write your child’s name on a piece of paper and have her find matching letters to place beneath each letter.

Create a Friend/Family Name Wall:
Pray for each individual as their name is added.  Stress that the first letter in a name is always uppercase.  Point to and read all of the names on the name wall so far.

Numbers: 4
Down and over and down some more. That’s the way to make a four!

Day 1: Tactile numbers(also called sandpaper or textured)—because many 3 year olds do not have the fine motor skills for handwriting activities, trace the numbers with the child’s finger. As the child traces the tactile numbers, be sure to say the number rhymes included in the objectives to help the child learn the correct information

Day 2: – Play Hi Ho Cherry-O

Day 3: Using the Five Little Ducks worksheet, order the 0-4 ducks.

Comprehension Questions: (use when planning story and at the end of the week use them to check for understanding of the Bible story)

What is the name of the sea that God’s people crossed?
The water was very deep and there wasn’t a bridge.  How did the people cross?
When Moses raised his staff, what happened to the water?

Fine Motor Skill:  Cutting

Using safety scissors, have your child cut along a thick line drawn on heavy paper (cardstock).  When cutting, remind the child that his dominant hand does the cutting while the other hand moves the paper.  Watch that the elbows do not point out while cutting.  Check out Teaching How to Use Scissors for ideas.

Gross Motor Skill:  Memory Obstacle Course

This week is the first of many Memory Obstacle Course suggested in the ABCJLM Curriculum.  View the video and read the information on the Memory Obstacle Course page to understand the objective and set up.  For the first Memory Obstacle Course, focus on shapes using a shape puzzle or shape flashcards.  Ask the child to bring one shape back to you.


Click Here for More 3 Year Old Homeschool Lesson Plans!


–You may want to start your day with these: (from Preschool Palace)

Calendar Song: Days of the Week (tune: The Addams Family theme)

There’s Sunday and there’s Monday,

There’s Tuesday and there’s Wednesday,

There’s Thursday and there’s Friday,

And Saturday ends the week.

Days of the Week (Clap, Clap),

Days of the Week (Clap, Clap)

Days of the Week, Days of the Week, Days of the Week (Clap, Clap)

Calendar Song: Months of the Year (tune: Ten Little Indians)

January.. February… March… and April…

May… June… July… August… and September…

October…. November… and December…

These are the twelve months of the year.

Weather Song (tune: Follow the yellow brick road)

What is the weather today, (clap, clap)

what is the weather today, (clap, clap).

Sunny, rainy, cloudy, snowy.

What is the weather today? (Have child add weather card to weather chart if you have one. Then sing a weather themed song: Mr. Sun or You Are My Sunshine or It’s Raining, It’s Pouring or If All the Raindrops.)




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