List of 3 Year Old Homeschool Plans Week 10

List of 3 Year Old Homeschool Plans Week 10

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List of 3 Year Old Homeschool Plans Week 10

This week’s Bible story is about Moses and the 10 Commandments. This is week 10.

I think I am discovering, and you probably are too, that homeschooling can be a bit expensive.  I have been trying to purchase the items suggested by and the other sites that I supplement with.  I think I am going to try to figure out a way to use what I already have at home.  Any curriculum ideas we use from other websites are surely created using materials the writer had at home–for the most part.  I’m mainly talking about books, games, music, feltboard story characters, etc.  Of course it is expected that you will need to purchase art supplies, but you can change art projects in order to use supplies you have on hand.

If you don’t have the Book of the Week, which I don’t this week, you can choose a book that you have at home.  You could go through the books you have at home and look your books up on to see what activities other moms/teachers may have shared about that book.

If you don’t have a game that is suggested, could you create a version of that game at home?  You could pick another game.  Homeschooling 3 year olds is mostly about having fun with your 3 year old, while trying to incorporate teaching  numbers, letters, shapes, colors, manners, singing, rhyming, Bible stories, character lessons…  Whenever you are playing with your 3 year old, think about what you could be teaching them in that activity.

List of 3 Year Old Homeschool Plans Week 10

This Homeschool Plan is adapted from Curriculum.

Bible Story: Moses and The 10 Commandments
Scripture:   Exodus 20

Bible Verse:    Deuteronomy 5:16 – Honor your father and your mother, as the Lord your God has commanded you.
Steve Green – Hide ‘Em in Your Heart Vol. 2 – #6

Hide 'em in Your Heart Vol. 2

Letter: Ff
Number:   5

Shape:   Rectangle, triangle

Name:   Put letters of name in correct order

Fine Motor Skill:  Carve a Pumpkin
Gross Motor Skill:  Crawl

Book of the Week: Frog, Where Are You? by Mercer Mayer

Bible Song Trust and Obey (Traditional) 
Trust and obey (march in place and then salute)
For there’s no other way (cross arms in front of body)
To be happy in Jesus (move fingers to make happy smile at mouth)
But to trust and obey (march in place and then salute)

Quote them throughout the day (example: while driving, in the bathtub, while washing hands)
1-2-3-4-5 Once I Caught a Fish ( Author unknown )
One, two, three, four, five! (count with your fingers)
Once I caught a fish alive; (place palms together to make a swimming fish)
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten.  (count with your fingers)
Then I let it go again.  (throw hands in the air)
Why did you let it go?  (shrug shoulders)
Because it bit my finger so.  (one hand bite pinkie finger on right hand)
Which finger did it bite?  (shrug shoulders)
This little finger on my right.  (wiggle pinkie finger on right hand)

Pinterest Halloween Preschool Ideas

Garfield’s Halloween Adventure
Bible Story: Moses and 10 Commandments
Scripture:   Exodus 20
Watch on YouTube:

The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes: pages pg 102 (I purchased this used on
The Beginner’s Bible: pg 120

My Story Bible: pg pg 26-29(I bought the Kindle version and put it on Hadley’s Kindle Freetime.)
Through the Bible Felt: Story #36

If you have felt board, use felt board and  Moses felt pieces  to tell the story. Read here: How to Teach a Story Using Flannelgraph.

Moses Movies Online:

The Beginner’s Bible

From Motherhood on a Dime:


Day 1: 10 Commandments Trains

Color and cut out each of the 10 Commandments Trains(click here to get worksheet).  Put the train in order discussing each commandment and glue onto a large piece of butcher block paper or post on a wall.  

Day 2:    Rectangular Commandments
A rectangle is like the stone tablets Moses received from God.  Cut a piece of brown construction paper in half to make two tall rectangles.  Cut the Rectangle 10 Commandments worksheet(click here to get the worksheet).  Scrunch the printable papers up.  Smooth out with your hands or a rolling pin.  Continue to scrunch and smooth the paper several times until wrinkles cover much of the papers. For the final time, smooth the paper out and glue to the brown rectangles.  Paint with brown watercolor paint.

Day 3:  The Ten Commandment Boogie  by Go Fish


Click for more 10 Commandments Ideas…

From Motherhood on a Dime:

Additional activities from other sites:



Memory VerseDeuteronomy 5:16 – Honor your father and your mother, as the Lord your God has commanded you.
Steve Green – Hide ‘Em in Your Heart Vol. 2 – #6

  • Day 1, 2, & 3: Cover memory verse and song every day
    Memory verse card (I printed these and laminated them.)

Book of the Week:

The Boy, Dog, Frog series is Mercer Mayer’s “wordless tale.”  Don’t allow the lack of words to scare you.  Take your time to look at the details of the pictures and point out the background objects.  Allow your child to “read” the book.  This activity works to increase vocabulary and expressive language.  Mr. Mayer is also known for his Little Critter series.

Handprint Frog (Original Source Unknown) 
Cut a large circle out of green construction paper.  Cut two small circles out of white paper for the eyes and glue on the circle.  Draw two dark spots in the frog’s eyes.  Draw two tiny lines for the frog’s nose and a line for the mouth.  Draw around, cut, and glue two handprints for the legs.

– Focus on the /f/ sound in the word “frog”

– Hop around like a frog.

– Have your child draw a “book” and tell you the story.

Letters: Ff
F – body, head, arm
f – staff with arms

F is for

Click here for Tips for Teaching Letters and Letter Sounds from This Reading Mama.

333106: Big Thoughts for Little People: ABC


Letter F in Big Thoughts for Little People: ABC’s to Help You Grow




    • From Preschool Palace curriculum: Introduce Letter F– Show your child the Letter F poster. Trace over the letter with your fingers. Ask your child to do the same. Trace the letter F in the air or use personal wipe-off boards. Make a letter F basket that includes several items that start with the letter F. Enunciate the F sound when identifying the items. Ask child to repeat or name the items in the basket.  Then ask child what other items could be put in the basket.
    • Day 1: Introduce the letters Ff using the tactile letters and decorate the Letter Poster to add to the Letter of the Week book.
      – When saying the /f/ sound – have your child put a hand up to his mouth to feel the air- More Letter Ff ideas
    • Day 2: Use the Letter Posters as Play Dough Mats and role the play dough into ropes and lay on the Letter Poster to form each letter. This adds one more level of learning and is a great fine motor activity, which helps improve handwriting.
    • Day 3:   Write the letter “F” or “f” on 5 index cards.  Walk around the house and find items that start with the “f” sound.  Tape the cards to the item.  For a twist, tape the cards to items and have your child find the cards.
    • More Books:


is on Hadley’s Kindle Freetime.

Alphabet Bracelets

Letter Hats

In My World

Learning 4 Kids

How to Run a Home Daycare: Letter of the week

This Outnumbered Mama

Wildflower Ramblings

Check out this website:

Teach Beside Me


Ff Snacks and Foods:
– fish(goldfish snacks), fruit, fruit roll-ups, french toast, french fries

Ff Ideas on the web:

Ff Computer Activities:

Starfall Dd Computer Activity


Add to your Shape Family by creating a Rectangle Buddy.  Cut a large rectangle out of construction paper.  Accordion-fold long, thin pieces of paper to form legs and arms.  Glue to the shape.  Add a face with a rectangle shape for the eyes and nose.  May also add shoes, hands, hair, or other accessories.

– More ABCJLM rectangle ideas

Decorate the Triangle Kite worksheet.

Add to your Shape Family by creating a Triangle Buddy.  Cut a large triangle out of construction paper.  Accordion-fold long, thin pieces of paper to form legs and arms.  Glue to the shape.  Add a face with a triangle shape for the eyes and nose.  May also add shoes, hands, hair, or other accessories.

– More ABCJLM triangles ideas


Suggested books from Motherhood On A Dime:


Using the tactile letters in the child’s name, assist the child in putting the letters in order.

Numbers  5

Put on a hat. Then take a dive. Make a big round tummy. Now that’s a five!  – or-
A little bit down. Circle the drive.  Put on a hat.  That makes a five!

Day 1: Tactile numbers(also called sandpaper or textured)—because many 3 year olds do not have the fine motor skills for handwriting activities, trace the numbers with the child’s finger. As the child traces the tactile numbers, be sure to say the number rhymes included in the objectives to help the child learn the correct information

Day 2: This week glue on construction paper to decorate the Number 5 Poster.  Add five stickers.

Day 3: Create a handprint and footprint and count five toes and fingers.  You may want to use this to begin the Handprint and Footprint Calendar for a great Christmas gift..

Comprehension Questions: (use when planning story and at the end of the week use them to check for understanding of the Bible story)

What does the word “commandments” mean?
Why did God give us rules?  (To help the people learn how to obey God, be happy, and to know how to treat other people)
What are some of the rules that you have to follow?
Why do you have rules?

Fine Motor Skill:  Carve a pumpkin making the face out of various shapes learned so far.  Allow your child to dig out the seeds and count out groups of seeds.  Have your child pick up the seeds using his thumb and index fingers.  Incorporate this activity with The Pumpkin Gospel book.

Gross Motor Skill: 
Place pillows, couch cushions or anything soft on the floor for your child to crawl over.  Have fun making mountains and climbing peaks!  If the weather is nice, rake a big pile of leaves.  Pretend you are Moses climbing Mount Sinai to receive the 10 Commandments.  Act out the narrative between God and Moses and discuss God’s holiness and goodness.

Chore: Train your child to wash the glass in your
front door or windows. The large circular
movements used when you wash windows are
excellent for large-motor development.

Cotton Ball Busy Bag: Put cotton balls in an egg carton or ice cube tray. Use tweezers or tongs to take them
in and out of the container.

Click Here for More 3 Year Old Homeschool Lesson Plans!


–You may want to start your day with these: (from Preschool Palace)

Calendar Song: Days of the Week (tune: The Addams Family theme)

There’s Sunday and there’s Monday,

There’s Tuesday and there’s Wednesday,

There’s Thursday and there’s Friday,

And Saturday ends the week.

Days of the Week (Clap, Clap),

Days of the Week (Clap, Clap)

Days of the Week, Days of the Week, Days of the Week (Clap, Clap)

Calendar Song: Months of the Year (tune: Ten Little Indians)

January.. February… March… and April…

May… June… July… August… and September…

October…. November… and December…

These are the twelve months of the year.

Weather Song (tune: Follow the yellow brick road)

What is the weather today, (clap, clap)

what is the weather today, (clap, clap).

Sunny, rainy, cloudy, snowy.

What is the weather today? (Have child add weather card to weather chart if you have one. Then sing a weather themed song: Mr. Sun or You Are My Sunshine or It’s Raining, It’s Pouring or If All the Raindrops.)







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