List of 3 Year Old Homeschool Plans Week 5

List of 3 Year Old Homeschool Plans Week 5

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List of 3 Year Old Homeschool Plans Week 5

We have made it to 3 year old homeschool plans: week 5!  This week the Bible Story is about Noah and the ark that God told him to build.  This is a very fun story for most kids, I think.  It will hopefully be fun for you to teach.

We are also learning the letter Bb and the number 3 this week.

Hopefully Jessica will be able to get some teaching done next week–week 5.  We are on Hurricane Irma watch right now.  This hurricane is crazy!  We are praying that the hurricane will not come to Charleston, SC.  If it does come here, homeschooling definitely will not be a priority, but it might be good for keeping busy.  We shall see.

If you are doing 3 year old homeschool with us, have a great week!

List of 3 Year Old Homeschool Plans Week 5

This Homeschool Plan is adapted from Curriculum.

Bible Story:  Noah’s Ark  Genesis 6-9

Bible Verse:  Genesis 6:9b  Noah walked with God

Letter:  Bb

Number:  3

Book of the Week:Barnyard Dance! by Sandra Boynton

Bible Song: Arky, Arky (Traditional) Listen on
Rise and shine (with palms up raise arms in the air, palms in air)
And give God the glory, glory (wave arms over head)
Rise and shine
And give God the glory, glory
Rise and shine
And give God the glory, glory
Children of the Lord (continue to wave arms)
See the CD for the verses )

Additional song idea:

  • Who Built the Ark
  • Old MacDonald Had a Farm
  • Bubble Song (tune: Ten Little Indians)
    One little, two little, three little bubbles
  • Four little, Five little, Six little bubbles
  • Seven little, Eight little, Nine little bubbles
  • Ten little bubbles go pop, pop, pop, pop, pop
  • Pop those, pop those, pop those bubbles
  • Pop those, pop those, pop those bubbles
  • Pop those, pop those, pop those bubbles
  • Ten little bubbles go pop, pop, pop, pop, pop


Quote them throughout the day (example: while driving, in the bathtub, while washing hands)

It’s Raining (Traditional)
It’s raining, it’s pouring
The old man is snoring
He went to bed and bumped his head
And he couldn’t get up in the morning

Bible Story:Noah’s Ark–watch on youtube
Objective:  God Knows What is Best for Us
Scripture:  Genesis 6-9

Noah’s Ark Movies Online:

The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes:  pg 24-31  (I purchased this used on
The Beginner’s Bible: pg 26-33

My Story Bible: pg 10-11  (I bought the Kindle version and put it on Hadley’s Kindle Freetime.)
Through the Bible Felt: Story #6

If you have felt board, use felt board and felt Noah pieces to tell the story. Read here:  How to Teach a Story Using Flannelgraph.

Noah's Ark Magnetic Fun Tin by Lee Publications


Noah’s Ark Magnetic Fun Tin, featuring a full-color play surface printed on the inside of the tin. Each tin consists of 3 sheets of magnets with over 50 magnet animals, Noah and accessories plus 2 extra play cards with new scenes. Collectible carry case to store magnets. Great quiet-time activity for home or travel.


I purchased this from for Jessica to use to teach Hadley the Noah’s Ark story instead of purchasing the Noah’s Ark flannelgraph set.



If you have a Noah’s Ark playset, use it to tell the story.

From Motherhood on a Dime:

  • Talk about the story of Noah. Use a cardboard box for an ark, stuffed animals for the animals on the ark, and act out the story with your child.
  • Reread the story of Noah. Talk about how Noah obeyed God even when it was challenging and no one else believed he was doing the right thing.


Day 1:   Using the Rainbow worksheet, talk about the order of the rainbow colors.  (The worksheet only has six levels because indigo and violet are combined.)  Pour Fruit Loop cereal into a pan.   Begin with purple.  Ask the child to taste the “color” and discuss the fruit the color tastes like.  Spread glue on the smallest arch and lay the cereal in the glue.  Progress outward.  To finish, add cotton balls for clouds.

Day 2:

Play the “Noah’s Ark” adventure on the Charlie Church Mouse Preschool Cd-Rom.  Read more

Day 3:   Glue animal crackers on or add pictures or stickers of various animals to the Ark worksheet. Explain to the child how Noah showed he loved God by obeying His command to build the ark and collect the animals.

  • Create Your Own Rainbow:
    Items Needed:  Container, red/yellow/blue paint, paint brushes, paper
    Directions:  Discuss how colors are created using the three primary colors – red, yellow, and blue.  Combine the colors below and have the child guess what color will be made.  On the Rainbow worksheet have the child paint the six colors of the rainbow (combining indigo and violet) between the lines.  Add cotton balls for clouds.  red and yellow = orange; blue and yellow = green; red and blue = purple

– More Noah’s Ark ideas

From Motherhood on a Dime:

  • You can glue pictures of animals on toilet paper rolls and then act out story.
  • Make a lion from a paper plate. Paint the outside ring orange. Paint the inner circle light brown or yellow. Allow to dry. Add wiggly eyes and draw a nose and mouth. Cut small fringe around the orange edge of the paper plate.
  • Write your child’s name with a yellow highlighter.   Have you child trace the name with rainbow colors!

Additional activities from other sites:


Memory Verse: Genesis 6:9b Noah walked with God. Click to watch on youtube.

  • Day 1, 2, & 3: Cover memory verse and song every day
    Memory verse card (I printed these and laminated them.

Letters: Bb
Letter Formation Chants:
B – body, bubble, bubble -or- bat, around the tree, around the tree
b – body, bubble -or- bat and a ball

Click here for Tips for Teaching Letters and Letter Sounds from This Reading Mama.

333106: Big Thoughts for Little People: ABC


Letter B in Big Thoughts for Little People: ABC’s to Help You Grow 




  • From Preschool Palace curriculum:  Introduce Letter B– Show your child the Letter B poster. Trace over the letter with your fingers. Ask your child to do the same. Trace the letter B in the air or use personal wipe-off boards. Make a letter B basket that includes several items that start with the letter B. Enunciate the B  sound when identifying the items. Ask child to repeat or name the items in the basket.Then ask child what other items could be put in the basket.
  • Day 1:   Using the Letter Posters, create a “Letter of the Week” Book just as you are with numbers.  Glue, draw, or stick objects to the Letter Poster that begin with the phonetic sound of the letter.  (Use the short vowel sound for all vowels.)  The ABCJLM website contains examples Letter Posters as well as crafts, food suggestions, books, and computer game links to help the child learn the formation and phonetic sound of the letter.    B is for band-aid. Child can put band-aids on the letter B.
  • Day 2:  Use the Letter Posters as Play Dough Mats and role the play dough into ropes and lay on the Letter Poster to form each letter.  This adds one more level of learning and is a great fine motor activity, which helps improve handwriting.
  • Day 3:  B is for Butterfly.  Paint the bottom of the child’s foot to create Butterfly Footprints.  Press the feet down on paper with the left foot on the right side and the right foot on the left side.  Leave a little space in between for the butterfly’s body.  Add this to the “Letter of the Week” book for a Bb activity.
  •  More Letter B activities


Alphabet Bracelets

Letter Hats

In My World

Learning 4 Kids

How to Run a Home Daycare: Letter of the week

This Outnumbered Mama

Wildflower Ramblings

Check out this website: Teach Beside Me

Bb Snacks and Foods:
– blueberries, bananas
–make an ark out of banana–put peanut butter on curved part (or cut slit in curved part) and stick animal crackers on peanut butter

Make banana bread.

Bb Ideas on the Web:


B is for Brown, Black, and Blue.  Review these colors.  🙂

– Use tactile letters to talk about each letter in name.  May need to create additional tactile cards if a letter is used more than once.

– Sing B-I-N-G-O with your child’s name.
Example:  There is a Mommy who has a boy and Fred is his name-O
F-R-E-D, F-R-E-D, F-R-E-D
And Fred is his name-O

Numbers: 3

Rhyme for number 3:  Around the tree, around the tree.  That’s the way to make a three!

Day 1: Tactile numbers(also called sandpaper or textured)—because many 3 year olds do not have the fine motor skills for handwriting activities, trace the numbers with the child’s finger.  As the child traces the tactile numbers, be sure to say the number rhymes included in the objectives to help the child learn the correct information

Day 2:   This week paint with a jumbo paint brush a rainbow on the Number 3 Poster.  Add three stickers.

Day 3:  Using the Five Little Ducks from last week, order the 0-3 ducks.

Read several well-known stories about three animals.

Cover Image        

Three Little Kittens–on Hadley’s Kindle on Freetime

Three Little Pigs–on Hadley’s Kindle on Freetime

Three Bears–on Hadley’s Kindle on Freetime

Three Billy Goats Gruff–on Hadley’s Kindle on Freetime

Comprehension Questions: (use when planning story and at the end of the week use them to check for understanding of the Bible story)

What tools do you think Noah needed to make the ark?
How do you think Noah felt when the people laughed at him for following God?
Tell me about a time that you had trouble obeying.
What kind of animals were on the ark?
How would you have gotten all of the animals on the ark?
What is your favorite animal that God put on the ark?
Do storms scare you?  Do you think Noah, his family, and the animals were scared during the rain?
What did God promise Noah?  What is a promise?

Book of the Week:Barnyard Dance! by Sandra Boynton

Motor Skills:

  • Day 1: Give the child a pair of Child Safety Scissors and an old magazine.  Let them cut, cut, cut.  They may want to cut out pictures of items they want or like.  This will make a mess but nothing that a broom and dustpan can’t handle! Check out Teaching How to Use Scissors for ideas.
  • Day 2: Call-out the name of an animal and have your child move like that animal.
  • Day 3: On several pieces of paper write the number 0, 1, 2, or 3.  Lay the pieces of paper on the floor.  Throw a bean bag at the papers and jump up and down representing the number it lands on.  Then spread the numbers farther apart and have the child run to the number called.
    • Gross motor skills are big motor skills (running, jumping, hopping, etc.). They require balance and coordination.
  • Letter puzzle: Fill sensory bin with dry beans. Add pieces of alphabet puzzle (wood/plastic/ foam/cardboard). Provide base of alphabet puzzle next to the sensory bin so children can hunt for all the letters to fit back into puzzle.
  • From Preschool Palace curriculum: Ball bounce dance #1. Provide each child with a ball. Dance to music on CD while holding onto the ball and not letting go. Encourage interesting dance movements like holding ball up in the air while spinning, etc. When the music stops, each child has to “bounce the ball” and let go of the ball and catch another ball. When each child has found another ball, resume ball dance, and ball drop.
    Bounce dance #2. Play music and children each bounce a ball while music plays. When music stops, stop bouncing. Start music again, start bouncing balls again.     #3 B is for Balloon Bump Dance. Provide each child with balloon filled with air. Play music on CD. Children have to try to bump their own balloon in the air and keep it from falling while dancing along to the music.  #4 B is for Bumble bee buzz dance. Play music and buzz like bees until music stops then children stop. Start again when music starts again.
  • From Preschool Palace curriculum: B is for box buildings:  Provide lots of empty boxes and let children stack/build buildings. Encourages community building/sharing, spatial skills, balance, dramatic play skills.
  • From Preschool Palace curriculum:  B is for Ball–Ball roll science. What shape are balls? Can they roll? What other things can roll? Try other items and ask if each item can roll, then try it, did it roll or not, why not? Do things that are in the shape of a circle roll the best? Items to try: circular lids (oatmeal/tupperware), blocks, ball, marble, dice, football, box, etc.)
  • B is for Bowling–take child bowling or if you have a bowling set at home, bowl at home.


Other Songs

Baby Bumblebee Song

I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee (cup hands together and swing like holding the bee)

Won’t my mommy be so proud of me

I’m bringing home a baby bumble OUCH, it stung me!
I’m squishing up a baby bumblebee (put hands together and rub like squishing the bee)

Won’t my mommy be so proud of me

I’m squishing up a baby bumblebee

EW! It’s yucky!

I’m wiping off a baby bumblebee (swipe hand across arm,cleaning off bee)

Won’t my mommy be so proud of me

I’m wiping off a baby bumblebee

Now my mommy won’t be mad at me!

–You may want to start your day with these:  (from Preschool Palace)

Calendar Song: Days of the Week (tune: The Addams Family theme)

There’s Sunday and there’s Monday,

There’s Tuesday and there’s Wednesday,

There’s Thursday and there’s Friday,

And Saturday ends the week.

Days of the Week (Clap, Clap),

Days of the Week (Clap, Clap)

Days of the Week, Days of the Week, Days of the Week (Clap, Clap)

Calendar Song: Months of the Year (tune: Ten Little Indians)

January.. February… March… and April…

May… June… July… August… and September…

October…. November… and December…

These are the twelve months of the year.

Weather Song (tune: Follow the yellow brick road)

What is the weather today, (clap, clap)

what is the weather today, (clap, clap).

Sunny, rainy, cloudy, snowy.

What is the weather today?  (Have  child add weather card to weather chart if you have one. Then sing a weather themed song: Mr. Sun or You Are My Sunshine or It’s Raining, It’s Pouring or If All the Raindrops.)

Click Here for More 3 Year Old Homeschool Lesson Plans!


B is for band-aid:



333106: Big Thoughts for Little People: ABC



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